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Sinus and Chest Treatments


Sinusitis is defined as an infection of the sinuses, secondary to obstruction of normal sinus outflow. This happens when there is an undrained collection of pus (a fluid product of inflammation) in one or more of the sinuses.

Sinus Treatment Garden Route

Causes: Antibiotics are used to treat the infection, but there is much more that can be done to help and treat the sinusitis: It is important to blow all the fluid out in trying to clear the cavities. If a patient (especially babies) struggles to blow out the fluid, then a suction catheter is in inserted into the nose and fluid sucked out with a sterile plastic tube.

Lung Treatment

The physiotherapist uses different techniques to help get rid of phlegm in a patient's lungs, depending on the disease and condition of the patient:

Chest & Lung Treatment, South Africa

It is important that the patient understands what his lung condition is and how to treat and manage it in the long run. The physiotherapist can help with this.

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